Learn the skills to pursue a culinary or baking career in our state-of-the-art kitchens with experienced instructors


In-District MA Resident: $11,520

In-State MA Resident: $13,594

Out-of-State Residents:  $13,824

Materials Fee: $1,000

Payment Plans Available


 900-Hour Evening Program

August 31, 2020-July 2, 2021

Monday through Thursday evenings

4:30 PM - 10:00 PM

days and times subject to adjustment


MTI Culinary Arts Certificate

ServSafe Certification

OSHA 10-Hour General Safety Certification

Crown Management Certificate



The Culinary Arts Program provides a professional and creative curriculum, a supportive staff, and an environment where passionate individuals can immerse themselves in the culinary world. Students will train in our restaurant and bakery facilities, while working alongside caring and experienced chef instructors. Academically based knowledge in the classroom and hands‐on experience in the industrial kitchens are intertwined to give the culinary arts student the skills necessary to pursue a professional career in the culinary/hospitality industry.


Students will find themselves immersed in a stimulating educational environment where dedicated, professional chef instructors will share their skills, experience and knowledge. Students are afforded the opportunity to develop their skills through demonstrations followed by hands‐on practical applications in professionally‐equipped industrial kitchens. As part of this dynamic environment, students are immersed in the culinary/hospitality world, where they will spend a significant time in the kitchen applying skills and techniques. The Culinary Arts Program teaches classical and creative cooking methods, American regional and international cuisine, food science, baking concepts, and the essential elements of table service.


Candidates must be highly motivated and energetic to enter the fast paced and demanding culinary arts field. All students of the Culinary Arts Program will have the opportunity to become: Serve‐Safe Certified, Food Allergen Certified, and Crowd Manager Certified, as well as earn an OSHA 10-hour certification (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and a CPR, AED, and First Aid Certification.


Program Schedule

August 31, 2020-Friday, July 2, 2021

Monday through Thursday evenings

4:30 PM - 10:00 PM

The Culinary Arts Program is an  900-hour program, running from September through June each school year. This program is taught four (4) nights per week, five and one-half (5.5) hours per night, or twenty-two (22) hours per week. Students are also required to participate in online course work throughout the program.

  • OSHA 10-Hour

  • Red Cross First Aid/CPR AED

  • Serve-Safe Introduction Food Handler

  • Kitchen/Workplace Safety

  • Knife Skills

  • The Standard Recipe

  • Equipment Safety Procedures

  • Measurements

  • Basic Cooking Techniques

  • Baking Basics

  • Introduction to Customer Service

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Bread Production Methods: Part One

  • Mixing Methods

  • Science of Leavening

  • Ingredients Facts

  • Fundamentals of Plated Desserts

  • Components of Plated Desserts

  • Quick Breads vs. Yeast Raised Breads

  • Methods of Cake Decorating

  • Cookie Baking Methods

  • Fundamentals of Rolling Pin Use

  • Pastry Baking Methods

  • Pastry Crust Varieties

  • Cookie Varieties

  • Pie Varieties

  • Plated Dessert Production

  • Pie Baking Methods

  • Employability and Entrepreneur

  • TIPS Alcohol Awareness

  • Food Allergen

  • Crowd Manager Certified

  • Science of Cake Baking

  • Cookie Mixing Methods

  • Weights and Measures

  • Cake Mixing Methods

  • Yeast Bread Varieties

  • Science of Bread Baking

  • Bread Production Methods: Part Two

  • Food Safety

  • Introduction to the Foodservice Industry

  • Workplace Safety

  • Kitchen Basics:  Part I

  • Kitchen Basics Part 2 Equipment  & Technique

  • Stocks, Soups and Sauces

  • Fruits and Vegetables

  • Potatoes and Grains

  • Serving the Guests

  • Communication

  • ServeSafe Alcohol Awareness Certification

  • Management Essentials

  • Managing Banquet and Catered Events

  • Front of the House Customer

  • Food and Beverage Service Leadership


Massachusetts is listed in the Top 5 highest paying states for bakers in the country. Population and income growth are expected to result in greater demand for specialty baked goods, such as cupcakes, pies, and cakes, from grocery stores, retail bakeries, and restaurants. 


Baker / Pastry Chef | Baker's Assistant

Chef | Chef's Assistant

Executive Chef

Food Research & Development

Institutional Chef | Line Cook

Preparation Cook | Rounds Cook

Sales | Management

Sauté Cook




Entry Level Salary

Potential Salary


2017 Mean Salary


Job Growth Rate

*Salary information provided by Bureau of Labor Statistics 

and Massachusetts Office of Labor and Workforce Development



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