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About Us

What Is Minuteman Technical Institute (MTI)?

Minuteman Technical Institute (MTI) is the adult learning division of Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical High School in Lexington, Massachusetts. MTI offers several career technical education courses in high-demand trades, including Automotive Technology, Carpentry Pre-Apprentice, Cosmetology, CNC/Robotic Technician, Electricity, Plumbing Tier 1, Plumbing Code Theory Tiers 2-5, and Welding. The availability of these programs will depend upon enrollment.

Adults may apply to MTI's post-secondary programs to retrain for new employment, or learn new technical skills for the first time or to meet licensure requirements.


Minuteman Technical Institute cultivates student passion, offering rigorous and unique learning opportunities to adult learners. MTI prepares students with the academic, technical, and personal skills needed to succeed as professionals in a rapidly changing global market.

When and Where are Classes Held?

MTI's post-secondary programs are held Mondays-Thursdays from 4:00-10:00 PM with some schedule variation for specific programs. Classes are held at Minuteman High School, 758 Marrett Road (Rt. 2A), Lexington.

Most of MTI's programs are 10 months long, taking place from late August through early June.

MTI partners with Commonwealth Corporation and Mass Hire Career Centers to offer Carpentry Pre-Apprentice, CNC/Robotic Technician, Facilities Management, Plumbing Tier 1, and Welding at no cost to qualified applicants. If you are unemployed or underemployed, or a recent high school graduate, you may be eligible. Contact MTI or your Career Center for more information.

Who Can Apply?

The term post-secondary refers to students who have graduated from high school, earned a G.E.D., and/or earned a post-graduate degree. Students enrolled in MTI will earn program certificates providing them the opportunity to obtain additional credentials pertaining to each field.

How Do You Apply?

MTI students apply on rolling admissions, from February through September, on a space-available basis. Visit the Admissions page to understand the process; or the Apply Now page to apply today.

Minuteman Technical Institute: Real World Skills for Adult Learners

Benefits of an MTI Education

Your Experience Your Tomorrow

Minuteman Technical Institute equips students with the knowledge, self-confidence, and industry-recognized certifications to enhance an existing career or begin a new one, leading to greater professional fulfillment, and ultimately, a better quality of life.

Join High Growth Industries

Minuteman Technical Institute provides students with the required qualifications to confidently seek out and successfully compete for desirable roles in diverse high growth industries. This includes Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Electrical, and Metal Fabrication and Welding.‚Äč

Learn More Faster

Minuteman Technical Institute’s programs are more condensed than many similar programs at competing institutions, enabling its students to learn more, faster, and to effectively re-enter the workforce sooner and with less school debt.

Train with Experts. Faculty are demonstrated experts in their respective fields, injecting a depth of knowledge and personal experience into each program.

Receive the Attention You Deserve

Minuteman Technical Institute intentionally manages class sizes within each program, empowering and encouraging its students to spend one-on-one time with faculty members. MTI believes a positive student-teacher relationship is essential for students to engage and as a result build and master new skills.

Statement on Equal Education & Non-Discrimination:

Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity in its programs or activities, including its admissions and employment practices. The School District does not tolerate harassment or discrimination. An individual has been designated to coordinate compliance under Title IX and Section 504 and may be contacted through the Superintendent’s Office, 758 Marrett Road, Lexington, MA 02421 - (781) 861-6500, ext. 7360.